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FSAcars v4.0.15
In order to operate flights with Canadian Xpress®, you will need to download and install FSAcars which serves the following purposes:
  • Automatically updates your flight status on our Flight Tracker page in real-time.
  • Automatically generates and creates a logbook entry of your flight in our logbook.
  • The flight data generated by FSAcars is used by Canadian Xpress® to determine the winners in our monthly challenges and other contests.
  • Most pilots find the flight log generated by FSAcars very informative and you can learn a lot about your flight and areas where you can improve.
The Canadian Xpress® FSAcars installer has a couple of unique features that include:
  • One step installation that installs all necessary files.
  • Updater that updates FSAcars as new updates become available.
  • Automatic maintenance to delete corrupt .dat files.
For complete instructions on how to install and use FSAcars, please view the FSAcars User Guide that is included in the installation package.

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